What are your names? 
Ray Silva (vocals, guitar), Noah Alexander (drums), Morgan Terrinoni (guitar), Gerry Matthews (bass). 

What is the band name?

You guys released ‘Letting In The Dead’  can you tell us the meaning behind it? 
Letting In The Dead is about a person holding a seance for the ghost of a dead relationship.  The goal is to make peace with this ghost so that it will rest and allow the person to move on peacefully.
Can you tell us more about the new EP?
 We definitely write what we are feeling in the moment, so right now it suits us better to release smaller groups of songs more often.  That’s why we chose the 4 song EP, followed recently by a single, with another single and music video due out late June, early July.  We kind of have an ongoing theme with all of our music, a sci-fi love story. Whether the songs are hitting more on love or sci-fi, we leave that up to the listener to make of it what they will.
How long have you been doing music? 
All of us have been playing for a long time now, and we all started pretty young.  At least high school.  We’ve been playing together for about 6 years.  Most recently and fully realized as Dream Vacation.
Will you be heading out on tour? 
We are pretty much perpetually on tour.  We do not have a segment of time where we will be out of California right now but that will be coming up soon enough, probably closer to Fall.
What is it like working with ‘John Rausch’? 
John is great!  Working with John is an educational experiment each time.  He’s worked with metal bands to pop super stars, so when we bring in our latest songs we can expect a fun and original approach that is fitting to each song.  He  listens to us and he works with whatever we bring to the table.  He strives for us all to be on the same page and to connect.  He isn’t afraid to express his ideas, which is really great to have someone outside of the group that can do that.  Our drummer Noah was friends with him first too, so that also helped bring a sense of comfort in not working with a complete stranger.
Has John given you any advice whilst working with him?
John often pushes us to bring things forward that we would otherwise bury.  We tend to like to hide things under layers of reverb and sound but he’s helped us realize that we are hiding things that people really want to hear. 
What made you go in to the music industry? 
Only lawyers decide to go into the music industry, ha ha.  With musicians, you start to tinker with something in your room.  Then you find a friend at school who wants to hang out and do the same.  A few years later, you are playing a stage in another country for a living and you’re in the music industry.   It’s all an accident.  Like most of the guys in the band. 
Do you play instruments, if so which ones?
Ray plays acoustic guitar, pocket piano, and sings.  Gerry plays bass, some keys, and some backing vocals.  Noah plays drums, percussion, and runs a laptop.  And, Morgan plays guitar.
Who are your influences? 
Our influences are a bit all over the place, but mostly stem from what we grew up on.  Here’s a few from each of us, in no particular order.
David Bowie, Phil Collins, Fugazi, The Doors, Serge Gainsbourg, Yo La Tengo, Girls Against Boys, Leonard Cohen, Tool, Jimmy Eat World, Led Zeppelin, Gang Of Four, Miles Davis, The Cure, Radiohead, Pink Floyd, A Tribe Called Quest, Black Sabbath, Ennio Morricone
Where do you see yourself in 5 years
At the moment, we are setting 6 month goals.  The 5 year goal in the music world is like throwing a dart at a map while riding a kangaroo, blindfolded.   We are really enjoying getting to know our local Los  Angeles scene better and are setting up shows in the southwest United States.  So the current plan is to continue establishing ourselves locally and then continue building outward.
If you could collaborate with one UK   Artist or band who would it be? 
It would certainly be amazing to collaborate with Gorillaz, or at least their non-virtual members.  They’re exploration of sound and textures is pretty top-notch.  
If you could collaborate with one USA Artist or band who would it be? 
It would be pretty great to get weird with Modest Mouse.  They’re guitar layering and melody is amazing.  Add the reverbs and delays and lets go down the rabbit hole.
Where is your dream venue or festival to perform at in UK?
CAMP BESTIVAL!  Getting to play for the kids in that setting would be amazing.  That along with Reading and Leeds.
 If you could have your music played on a TV Show, which would it be?
We don’t watch that much TV but we do like movies.  It would be amazing to have music in any Wes Anderson film.  
What do you do in your spare times?
We enjoy mostly outdoor activities.  Surfing, hiking, going to the beach, reading, hanging with family and friends.
What advice would you give to others in the music industry? 
Keep your head down, your spirits up, and keep going.  Do the work.
What quote or saying do you always stick by?
The golden rule.  Treat others as you would like to be treated.
Do you have any social media accounts so readers can see more? 
Instagram and Twitter

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