What are your Full names ans the bands name?
We’re called ‘The Hummingbirds’ and you have, Jamie Davies, Michael Kountis, Matty Brougham, Ryan Lewis and Richard Smith

Give us a little bio about you

We’re 5 lads who grew up playing music around Liverpool from an early age, we’ve known each other for a good few years and the band formed naturally out of the friendship. The music you hear us play is from our take on the great 60’s/70’s Americana/Folk music with our Merseybeat heritage thrown in there

 How long have you been doing music?

It Varies for all of us, but it’s been about 10 years on average for all of us playing now, it feels like a few months, something that comes naturally to us.


How did the ‘Cornbury Festival’ Come about?
Our booking agent messaged us asking about it, we checked the festival out online and it was a yes straight away. We’re excited to come and play for the crowds there!

 We had a previous chat about your EP ‘ Out Of The Rain’, how was the response to it?

We had a great response, to the EP and the Album released just after it. We were so glad people enjoyed the music because it’s been a long struggle for us to get this stuff released the way we wanted it and we’re glad it’s out now.


What can we expect at Cornbury Festival? Any new material 😉
We have a few new songs we’ve been working on yes! Hopefully we can play them for you. We have a great set planned and hopefully the weather is nice and the crowd are loving it!

 When will we see a new EP or Album?

There’s been talks of a Live EP later this year, with a few tracks taken from our Album launch show at the Buyers Club, Not too sure if it’s going to happen but i’ve heard the tracks and they sound good!

 Are you doing any more gigs/festivals?

We’re planning a big tour in September/October hopefully going from top to bottom of the country! Sooner than that though we have the Liverpool Loves festival. It’s on our pier head right in front of the river mersey and the Liverbuildings, it’s an amazing festival and we’re looking forward to playing to a home crowd.


Who are you most excited to see at the Festival?
The Lottery Winners, Played with these guys a few years ago and have seen them a few times since. We’re doing a few festivals with them this year so will be good to catch the set

 What has 2016 brought you already?

3 singles and an album release! Loads of gigs and some new suits.

 What are your Social Media accounts so everyone can keep up to date with you at the festival?
Twitter – @thehummingbirds
Instagram – @thehummingbirds
Snapchat – th3hummingbirds

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