What is your Name?Yo! Well my full name is Bronwen Lily Hughes! But most people call me Bronnie, Bron.. Bronweiner!

I’ve even been mistaken for ‘Brian’ which was a first! But obviously most people know me as Bronnie as I’m trying to make it as ‘Bronnie’ instead of ‘Bronnie Hughes’ 
For people who dont know you, describe yourself in one sentence.

Hi I’m Bronnie and I like long romantic walks… to the fridge. 

What is you genre of music?

Pop/Punk till the day I die!

You have been in the studio alot lately, how do you think its been going?

Studio time has been going really well! I was recently in Edge Recording Studio recording my new single High School Sucks *Out now on iTunes for 79p;)* I worked with producers John Delf & Mark Winterburn, they’ve worked with 5 Seconds of Summer, Lily Allen, The Script and many more humans, they know what they’re doing and do an awesome job of it! I’m going back to Edge Studio’s in a couple of weeks to record a slow song of mine called Imaginary Friend.
FRIDAY … The big release of your FANTASTIC NEW SINGLE ‘High School Sucks’, Tell us more about the writing process for the track.

Woooo High School Sucks finally out! SO it’s February 6th 2015, picture a 17 year old me lying in bed debating wether or not I should go into school or stay at home writing songs all day.. obviously I picked the 2nd option! I was sat at home watching American Pie and realised how cool High Schools in films seem and then realised how much high schools in reality suck!! Then I thought.. why not write a song about how much high school sucks and how they’re never like the movies! About 20 minutes later High School Sucks was born! I was so excited about the song I showed songwriter Chris Bourne and he was stoked about it which was a good sign cause he isn’t afraid to tell me if a song isn’t as good as my other songs. We co wrote and changed some lyrics on the second verse and a year and a half later it was recorded it and now it’s released! 

You worked with a few great musicians on this track, tell us how that came about and who they are?

I worked with Josh Betley the bassist, he also wrote all the sheet music too (ledge-end) Patrick Doyle was on the guitar doing an awesome job and Tom Atkinson was smashing the drums! 
If you could get ‘High School Sucks’ on a TV or Film. which one would it be?

Definitely an American Pie film! I wrote it after watching it and everyone who hears it always says ‘Wow that could be in American Pie!!’ I heard they’re releasing a new American Pie so fingers crossed they hear it 😉
Will we see a EP or Album anytime soon?

You’ll be getting an EP! 

if so what can you tell us about it?

I have the 4 track titles sorted, they just need to be recorded now! It’ll probably be released in October/November.

Will you be heading out on tour or doing any small gigs to promote the single?

I have an announcement next week and a few other things that need to be confirmed about support roles!

Where can new fans find you to keep up to date with all of your latest news?

You can find me on Twitter: @Bronnie97 | Facebook: Bronnie Hughes Music | Instagram: Bronnie Hughes | YouTube: Bronnie | Snapchat: BronnieHughes 

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