What are your names? Emil Molin and Daniel Mauricio 
How old are you?

25 and 32
What is the genre? 

Give us a bio about you.

Emil– I have been singing almost all my life. I started study music after high school and when I was 18 I studied musical theatre and have been working with music since then. 

Daniel – I grew up in a small town in Sweden where I started dancing at an early age. I graduated from the ballet academy and moved straight to Paris where I found myself in a musical. The rest is history. 
You guys released ‘Hurricane’ can you tell us the meaning behind it? 

If you’ve ever been in love I think you can relate to Every Word in The song. It’s a song that gives hope. 
How long have you been doing music? 

We only just started making music together. 

It’s been about year now. 

Hurricane is our first original song but we’ve been singing and playing since we were young. 
Will we see an Ep or album, if so when? 

We’ve been talking about it and it would be a dream to release an album but, right now we are so focused on the singing competition (Svensktoppen Nästa). 

We had to pause our YouTube channel (blunderbuss music) since there’s no time. As soon as the competition is over we will sit down and talk about further projects. 
Are you signed? 

Not yet… We’re still looking for the most suitable record label. 

Do you know anyone ? 😉 
Will you be heading out on tour? 

We have a few gigs booked here in Sweden 
If so where will you be heading? 

Around Stockholm and further south of Sweden. Hopefully we will be playing around the uk very soon.
 What made you go in to the music industry? 

Because  we love music. Music is a way of reaching out and a great way of communicating. And that’s only a small part of it. 
Do you play instruments, if so which ones?

Yes, Emil plays a few instruments. 
Who are you influences? 

There’s too many but to name a few, Matt Simons, Prince, Barbra Streisand 
Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 

Hopefully we’ll still be doing this for a living. Making collaborations with influential people and traveling the world. 
If you could collaborate with one UK Artist or band who would it be?

The amazing Jessie J. 
If you could collaborate with one USA Artist or band who would it be?

The ever so great Justin Timberlake. 

Where is your dream venue or festival to perform at in UK?
The Wembley stadium  
What was the song or band that most influenced you to go in to music?

The final countdown by Europe and Hello by Lionel Riche. 
If you could have your music played on a Tv Show, which would it be?

Graham Norton of course. 
What do you do in your spare times?

Sports, such as foot ball, squash and golf- Emil 

Daniel enjoys going to the gym and every now and then have a drink with friends. 
What advice would you give to others in the music industry? 

Work hard and believe in yourself. 
What quote or saying do you always stick by? “No day but today” & “fuck it

Do you have any social media accounts so readers can see more? 
Instagram : @emil_molin @_themauricio_ 

Twitter: @mauricionobu 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Emil-Daniel-1130591783649786/



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