What are your names?Dan Fatel / Gabi Garbutt / Jimi Scandall / Neil Ganesha


How old are you?

As old as time as young as the day


What is the genre?

Punk rock


Give us a bio about you as a band and as individuals.

We formed CuT originally in 2012 and quickly became known for our space rock sound, we played live and built up lots of interest in quite a short space of time, this was followed by struggles within the band with different external influences and psychological disorders, eventually, after our show at the Isle of Wight festival last year, we agreed to disband.


I’m the main original member of the band and formed the new project of CuT in February this year, I didn’t want to let it go and thought we had so much more to do. The new members of the band include: Gabi Garbutt, she is also a recognised poet in her own right, as well as lead singer in the band The Sticklers, a purveyor of the punk spirit and a lover of Dexys, The Clash, Patti Smith, Nick Cave. Jimi Scandal, of former Dexters & 1914s fame is one of the best guitarists in London, he plays an old 60’s Hofner Galaxy with his trusty vintage 70s musician amp and a selection of boutique effect pedals. Neil Ganesha is the drummer, a relentlessly precise motor that puts drum machines to shame. We are in our honeymoon phase, which is a magical time and this time I have decided to enjoy every moment of it.


You guys released ‘Mouth To Mouth, can you tell us the meaning behind it?

‘Mouth to Mouth’ adds some pop action to our newly invigorated punk sound, while still incorporating the deeper and more hypnotic grunge rock energy.


A life-affirming track, it was inspired from a wish to breathe life literally back into past events, as well as being reminded to grab life and live it fully.


How long have you been doing music?



Do you have an album coming soon if so can you Tell us more about it?

We have a collection of songs we are working on with the new band line-up. We are in the classic honeymoon period, have all gelled together and are working our way up through the gears. I’ve known and had the pleasure of seeing each member of the new line up play over the years in various bands, they are among some of the most impressive & powerful individuals from the underground music scene. It’s very fortunate that they were all available, just as the previous incarnation fell apart. We are all focused on moving the sound of the band forward and have our first couple of gigs under our belt, it’s all been happening really naturally in the rehearsal room. We can see what’s working and have been discussing the next steps with the label Ra-Ra Rok and our manager Andy Ross, with regards to studios and producers or we might even produce the next single ourselves. We are all determined to make the best recording of our best songs that any of us have made before and blow our heads off in a shotgun of sonic chaos, delivering the sweetest pop tunes on the edge of a knife.


Are you signed?

We are signed to RA RA ROK, which is owned and controlled by the legendary misfit Rok Pete, who runs it out of his record store OUT ON THE FLOOR records on Inverness Street, Camden.


Will you be heading out on tour?

We are slowly coming back to the live circuit, in the past we played and played and played, it is hard to say no to something you love doing. This time we are being more selective, the gigs have to be for the right people with the right bands, meaning promoters and bands we dig. We want them to be a gathering of like-minded people, we are solidifying a collective of artists that we have worked with through the years and making a new gang, of punk rock revolutionaries, that still believe!!!

What made you go in to the music industry?

I never set out to be in the music industry, just play music, but it’s just something that you inevitably have to deal with and to make it work. You just need to find the right people and there are plenty of them about. You have to keep your souls from being sucked dry from the vampires that have no interest in music and that just want to sell a product. It’s all very Robert Johnson and Bulgakov’s Master and The Margarita, you gotta dance with the devil… it can be fun most of the time, but you will get burned…


Do you play instruments, if so which ones?

Dan/myself, I play a Mexican 60’s Classic Player Strat in daphne blue, it’s beautiful and you can smash the fuck out of it and I love it. I also play an American Fender bullet, they only made between 1980-82. It is made from leftover Telecaster necks and Jaguar bodies…very cool…


Who are you influences?

Lawrence Ferlinghetti/ Joe Strummer / Ramones/ Nirvana / Nikola Tesla / Clifford D Simak / Jeremy Corbyn


Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Heading out on the first space ship to colonise Mars. I think we’ll be the first band to play for the Martians under the pyramids on Mars.


If you could collaborate with one UK Artist or band who would it be?

 Mick Jones of the Clash or Jarvis Cocker, legends, who can hold their heads high!!!


If you could collaborate with one USA Artist or band who would it be?

Grimes, she is the most fun and exciting character in pop music right now…amazing.


Where is your dream venue or festival to perform at in UK?

Glastonbury, the one and only


What was the song or band that most influenced you to go into music?

The Clash – the fire and spirit that those boys brought into the world, the politics, the art, the uncompromising expression, obviously this comes with a certain amount of hypocrisy but that is inevitable, being one of the most important bands since the Beatles. There is a social and moral compass that you instil in your music and the ethos of the band, while being in an industry and continuing to make music.


If you could have your music played on a TV Show, which would it be?

Broad City… it’s the coolest funniest show, I love Llana and Abbi they are my heroes… strong funny women who drink whiskey and smoke weed, all the blokes are secondary, it’s great! They are the new Cheech and Chong, but way smarter….


What do you do in your spare time

Read obscure esoteric literature.


What advice would you give to others in the music industry?

Stay true to yourself, fight hard, never ever give up on being good to all humans, even the cunts, you’ve got to be strong, ‘cause people will want to bring you down. Pick your friends carefully and don’t waste your time with vampires, they will suck you dry, fight the good fight or don’t fight at all.


What quote or saying do you always stick by?
Ghandi – ‘be the change you want to see in the world’ or ‘pound for pound your the best fuck around’ – my girlfriend


Do you have any social media accounts so readers can see more?




Check out the video below: 


Live Shows:

June 10th @ St Moritz Club, Soho, w/ Piano Wire, 159 Wardour St. W1F 8WH



June 17th @ Hoxton Square Bar, Hoxton, w/ St Agnes, 2-4 Hoxton Square. N1 6NU


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