What is your name?
Dan Maidstone

How old are you?
39 years old

What is your position at Sunfly?
Head of Development

Give us a little bio about you and about Sunfly as a company.
The original founder John West discovered Karaoke and was an early pioneer in the 1980s. Sunfly is now the most famous Karaoke brand in the world; and is well known throughout the Karaoke industry around the world. I joined the company in 2003 as the production assistant and was promoted to Head of Development in 2007.

Sunfly is turning 25 this year, how does that feel?
Well it is amazing; we started out as a small company to become the premier label in both the UK and Europe in a relatively short period. I believe the company’s success is attributed to staying ahead of trends, and always being willing to try out new ventures.

What made you go in to the music industry?
I was always interested in the behind-the-scenes production of songs, the way all the different elements of one song were mixed together. I saw the role advertised to work in the Production area releasing such big tracks that people sing to around the world and I jumped at the chance.  

Sunfly is well known especially in London’s bars and clubs, which was the first to use Sunfly? Can you remember 😉
Oh I’m not sure anyone knows which venue was the first to ever use Sunfly tracks. The company was started in West London, so I would say a pub in that area.

You are wanting to take over the streaming industry with Sunfly, tell us more about that.
Streaming music is so popular these days with the likes of Spotify and Tidal. It gives you access to a large amount of music without having to worry about the storage. Karaoke will follow this trend, and with such a popular and known brand we know that our customers will love the new choice to stream all of our content, along with the option of purchasing the tracks.
How will it be easy for us to use?
We have introduced some key features, such as being able to customise the font size and colour; and changing the background to your choice. Along with this everything has designed to be simple and easy to use. You can save playlists for tracks you sing often, or you can use playlists already provided to start singing straight away.

What is the target audience?
Our aim is get you singing along to your favourite tracks whenever you wish and to enjoy it, whatever your age. This streaming website benefits a whole range of people from those who want to have a party in their living room with a couple of friends belting out the classics, to professional singers practicing for upcoming performances and gigs. This is for anyone that just wants to sing.

Is it free or do we have to pay? If so how much?
Sunfly Streaming is offered at £4.99 a month; we also offer a 7 day free trial for all new accounts without the need to enter you card details.  

Why is it £4.99? Do you think the public will be willing to pay this?
As well as being cheaper than other Karaoke streaming apps and services available, we are also offering the best selection of consistently high quality tracks, including all the most popular songs. We know people are happy to pay this because we have had outstanding sign up rate along with positive feedback since launch.

Will you be doing any gigs or a Tour?
Although I enjoy singing along to Karaoke, I can’t pretend I have an outstanding voice which people would pay to see on stage.

If you are, where are will you be heading?
You will find me at the Karaoke night local to me.

Where do you see yourself in 5 Years?
I very much think in 5 years, I will be celebrating Sunfly’s 30th birthday with more great technology and products. I would love to of converted much more of the public to change the view of Karaoke as something that isn’t just done in a small back room of the pub.

What do you do in your spare time to relax?
Well of course I love going out to local Karaoke nights. With our new streaming website I have been staying in and singing along with my family. I have two young girls and they love singing along to all the Disney classics, especially ‘Let It Go’ from Frozen. They love the fact that they can sing into the microphone.
I am also a big football fan, supporting Man United, I do try to go to as many games as possible, but usually you will find me down the pub cheering them on with my mates.

What is your karaoke song?
I love performing all the classics such as My Way by Frank Sinatra, Sweet Caroline – Neil Diamond even Livin’ on a Prayer – Bon Jovi. But the one I love to perform the most is Wichita Lineman – Glen Campbell. The lyrics of his song really speak to me.

What advice would you give to others who maybe want to go in to the music/streaming industry?
There are so many different aspects to the music industry; it is not just about singers and musicians. Making a decision on exactly what role you are interested in and focusing on that will help. Having great enthusiasm and confidence is always needed – just like when you perform Karaoke!

What quote or saying do you always stick by?
“Life is a stage and you get only one performance. Make it a good one.”

Do you have social media accounts so your readers can follow you and for updates on Sunfly?
Yes we have a Facebook and Twitter account and also an Instagram account. Here you can find updates about all new tracks and products, also what Sunfly has been up to. We love it when people upload photos of them singing along to our tracks and enjoying themselves.


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