What is your Full name?
‘Cabezudos’ (Cab-eh-thu-dos)


Interesting name, how did that come about and what’s the meaning for it?
The guitarists auntie lives in Spain, and when he was down there once he was a festival called ‘Cabezudos’, which means ‘Big Heads’ where the people parade around the town with massive paper machete heads (google it!) So we didn’t have a name for the band, and his mum joked about to us once saying we should call the band Cabezudos, as we all have big heads, and it wasn’t actually too much of a bad idea!


How old are you?
The guitarist Chris is 19, Bass player tom is 21, Front man Jack is 19, and Drummer Harry is 18.


What is your genre of music?
We always find it quite hard to say an exact genre, as we like to think were pretty diverse. Rock or Blues/Rock probably wouldn’t be too off the mark though!


Give us a little bio about yourself.
We’re a group of 4 lads from Liverpool with the exact same music taste, ambition and idea of what we want to achieve as a band. We’ve been together for just under a year, but don’t let that fool you into thinking were still trying to find our feet.
We recently just released our debut EP, which shows our diversity and strength of songwriting, but however we feel our true strength is in our live sound, where we have a energetic frontman able to work the crowd, whilst having a hard hitting solid band behind him.
Its definitely worth your time coming down to see us if you ever have the chance.


How long have you been doing music?
As a band we’ve been playing together just under a year, however we’ve all been In different bands previously to Cabezudos over the last 3 or 4 years. Chris and Tom have been playing for about 4 years, and Harry has been playing the drums since he was about 8!


What made you go in to music?
Our passion for listening to music ultimately lead us all into wanting to make our own music. It’s a great feeling listening back to a song you’ve made, and feeling really proud of it, you know.


Are you a signed?
No…… *CRIES*


You have debuted you EP ‘’ She Waits’, what’s the inspiration behind the name and the whole EP?
Well the EP is just a collection of what we felt were our 4 best songs at the time, so theres no particular meaning behind the name for the EP as a whole, just aside from the fact we thought the title of the opening track, fitted it well.
Tell us more about the tracks.
We don’t usually like to give too much away of song meanings cause we feel its better when people have their own connections to them.
But in short, ‘She Waits’ is about struggling with the hardships that come with life, and trying to carry the weight on your shoulder. Could You Be Wrong and Foolish, are ballad-like songs about our experiences with love, whilst I’ve Never Seen is a song about lust.


What’s the reaction you’ve had so far?
With friends and family they were great, but as for the rest, Initial reactions were really slow actually. People didn’t take to it too well at first. But slowly over time this has started to change and people are starting to take notice to us now, and are realising the quality of the EP.



What instruments do you play?
The band consists of just one guitar, one bass and one drummer,



Who are your influences?
We all listen to a LOT of different music, but our biggest influences are probably The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath and The Rolling Stones.


Will you be doing any gigs or a Tour?
We have got a lot of gigs lined up from now until summer actually, so were going to be really busy, but were also in the middle of trying to arrange a tour for summer!


If you are, where are will you be heading?
Most of our gigs booked are all in Liverpool, but we’ve just booked a gig in the library pub in Leeds for the 30th April, our first out of city gig!


How do you get inspiration to write songs?
We have different ways we write songs. For example Chris the guitarist writes songs that we take on as band and use, however we also write songs together as a band which freshens things up in practice. The lyrics are influenced by things that are personal to us, things that weve experienced, and I think you can tell this by the raw emotion that come out in the songs.



Where do you see yourself now in 5 Years?
We hope to be on the festival circuit, with at least an album already under our belt.

What’s the best gig you’ve played so far and why?
We’d all agree to say our EP launch gig, its rare we get to play an hour long set, and we finally got to play all the songs we cant usually fit in to normal sets. The crowd was also crazy aswell, the place was bouncing!


If you could collaborate with one UK Artist who would it be?
Either Paul McCartney, or Johnny Marr!


If you could collaborate with one USA Artist who would it be?
Dave grohl


Where is your dream venue or festival to perform in UK?
Couldn’t be any other place than glastonbury could it?


Where is your dream venue or festival to perform in USA?
Coachella definitely.



What was the song you listened to most that influenced you to go more in to the music scene?
Probably Mollys Chambers by Kings of Leon, really simple song with a big impact


What’s the best advice you have ever been given?
To be a consistent pain in everyones backside, that that’s the only way you can get anywhere as a band!



What advice would you give to aspiring musicians?
Write songs that mean something to you, not something that you think people will like!


What quote or saying do you always stick by?
If you don’t believe in yourself, then no one will.


Do you have social media accounts so your fans can follow you?
Yeah were on Facebook, and twitter.

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