Review: Lost Polaris is Set to release their EP ‘Selective Deafness’ on June 15th and ive had a chance to have a sneak preview.


Lost Polaris are a Indie Genre and are all the way from Houston,Texas.

Starting with the track ‘ Cordyceps (oh how she feigns)’ which starts with a intro which is very atmosperic and creates a great mood for the track.
It also has a great beat for the intro which then the vocals come through naturally.

Track two ‘ Passing The Doldrums’ starts with a slow and peaceful intro which makes you capture a good image of how the whole EP is going to be.
The Lyrics seem very deep but still nice to listen to and the rhythm that makes you feel the the track and carries you throughout.

Track three ‘ Washington On The Brazo’ a more upbeat feel than the other two but again the rhythm carries you through and lets you enjoy the track.

Track four ‘Avenoir’ starts with a more mystical sound than the others with the vocals which then come straight through and sound gravelly but enjoyable to listen too.

Be sure to watch out for this EP and here is a Preview of the First track
‘ Cordyceps (oh how she feigns)’

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