REVIEW: 9Th March 2015 Azzurro Peaks Released his brand new EP ‘Skimming Surfaces, Orbiting Space!


Mark Jones is the Artist from Derby who also goes by the name Azzurro Peaks and has a multiple of genre’s in his music to get a crowd going.
The three track EP starts with a track called ‘Riders In The Sundown’ which has guitar sound and claps at the start of the track then goes in to the low vocals and gives a deep sound which all fits together perfectly.
The second track ‘Don’t Fall Upon The Stepping Stones’ which vocals are higher than the first and you get the feel of the Psychedelic genre more.
The third track ‘ Earls Court’ starts with a 10 second instrumental then straight in to high but quiet vocals which seems to be sending a message out or getting something off his chest and doing this song really helped him. 
This EP is a free download off Bandcamp and I suggest you go get a copy and take a listen.

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