REVIEW: Rosenthal , A NEW DREAM POP Artist from Denmark has given me a sneak preview of their Brand new EP ‘Heart’.


The 5 Track EP is Availble on ITUNES to PRE-Order and is out on the 9Th March.

First track is the same as the title of the EP ‘ Heart’ starting off with a slow and peaceful guitar solo and going modulated vocals and the dream pop genre stands out and when listening can hear the emotion when he sings which makes me think that this is a track that seems personal to him.
Second track ‘April Eyes’ straight in with his Loud and clear vocals with a drum and guitar instrumental which gives you that feel good vibe when listening.Later through the track it seems to me that it gets serious with much slower ending which great.

‘A Dream’ is the fifth track of the EP.More of an edgy start which the vocals come through as a low and a little rusky.

The whole EP would be one to listen to sat at home in your room working and you can just relax to it when its playing.

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