Review: Daniel Glover’s NEW STUNNING EP ‘ What Happened Last Week’ Comes out 28th Feb and I got a sneak preview.

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Daniel Starts his EP with the first track named ‘I See You Staring Over’, having a catchy solo guitar riff for 10 seconds and then straight in to his rusky vocals which sets the whole EP. Its a upbeat track that puts you in the mood to dance but can hear that there is a message in that track.

‘Borrowed Love’ is more of a slower track  at the start and you really get to hear what Daniel is trying to get across. Then having a drum coming in and those vocals letting the fans hear the power in his voice and getting louder.

Another guitar solo on the 3rd track ‘Heavy Mind’ Which a drum beat comes in and it automatically drags you in because once the gravelly vocals come in you are automatically  buried deep in the song and want to listen to this again and again.

Having a early preview, this is just 3 out of the 5 tracks that are on his EP and the other two are just as amazing as the 3 above but I’ll let you be the judge of that when this comes out.

Everyone make sure you get this on

The EP Will be out on ITUNES.

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