REVIEW: John Thacker Brand New Album ‘HEAR’

JOhn Thacker

John Thacker is a Singer and Songwriter from Manchester.

Starting off with his Single which he released a few months back now ‘Fall Down’ A slow track with the soft strums of the guitar.

‘Now Im Leaving’ Another slow track which shows Johns Vocals and a very heart filled song which seems very seems personal.

‘Crazy Fool’ starting with a guitar solo which is then played throughout the track showing off his his amazing vocal talent and makes you want to this over to the rest of his new album.

As for the rest of this Album i do not want to spoil it for you guys so make sure you check it out, absolutley amazing vocals throughout the whole album.

This is an Album you can Listen to when ever and where ever so make sure you get this album for yourself and friends because this is a Artist that you will hear a lot more of!


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