Review: As The City Rumbles Underneath brand NEW EP ‘ Prophecies’

The Dream/Pop Canadian Duo, Made up of Cat Forsley and Ashton Price, Be ready for these two everyone.

Starting off with a ‘Magic takes the form of You and I’ (Tep No Remix’ showcasing Cat’s vocals with a great echo effect which goes well with the Indie/Dream Pop genre this duo has.

Track Two’Magic takes the form of You and I’ which has a more Indie genre to the this track and an amazing instrumental what sets the track and gives you a feel for in the whole EP.

‘On and On’ Third track, again a slow start with vocal coming through showing Cats tones and the Indie Pop genre coming through and even though its similar to the others it still makes you want to listen to the tracks over and over.This track shows that these are ready to get their dream heard everywhere and perform because this is their dream.

This is just 3/5 of thr tracks this duo have i think its safe to say that with the vocals and the instrumentals you wont turn this EP off.

You would be listening to this everyday and night and that isnt a bad thing, check this out now and get your copy and still have thos Dance/Rock grooves whilst listening as well.

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