What are your Full names?

Bruce Wiegner & Johnny Costa 🙂
What is your band’s Genre?

Give us a little bio of the band and you guys as individual.

We are a pop duo from Philadelphia, PA. It all started when we posted our first cover of Problem by Ariana Grande in May 2014 and started playing shows, doing weekly covers and recording our music.
Where did you get the band name from?

We wanted the name to represent what we are all about. The idea of letting go and just having a good time.
Who does what in the band?
I.e. who does the vocals, who plays what, who writes the songs

Johnny plays ukulele and sings and Bruce plays guitar and sings.  We both co-write almost all of our songs.
Are You Signed?

We are currently free agents 😉
What instruments do you play?

We both play a little bit of everything (drums, bass, guitar, piano, and a ton of others)
How did the band come about/how did you guys meet?

We met when our old bands played shows together back in 2008.  Eventually Bruce recorded Johnny’s band and we just had a blast working together.  After our bands had broken up we decided to start a new band together and the rest is history 🙂
Who are your influences?

Taylor Swift / Hootie & The Blowfish
What are your backgrounds whether it’s in music or not?

Both have a lot of musical backgrounds. We’ve done music all of our lives.
How did music come in to your lives and when did you start doing it?

At an early age we got involved whether it was picking up an instrument (Bruce) or doing musical theatre (Johnny).
When will you be releasing material?

Our debut single is out now on iTunes and Spotify! We also just posted a lyric for the song. It’s called 25 Minutes and it will be on our self titled EP that will be out February 2015!
How do you get inspiration to write songs?

It can come from anything.  Basically, anything that we experience from day to day can turn into a song.
Where do you see the band in 2-5 years time?

BFF with Harry Styles.
Where would your dream place be to perform?

Harry Styles basement… Or Madison Square Garden.
If you could do collaboration with anyone who would it be?

Jessie J OR Slipknot
If you wasn’t doing music what would you’s be doing?

We’d be stock brokers.
If you got asked by a TV show or film to have your music played on, which show or film would it be?

Law & Order SVU
Do you have a website, social media pages and music pages for your fans?

We are on Twitter, facebook, Instagram, tumblr, vine all @TheWeekendRiot

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