Luke Potter released BRAND NEW Album in November 2014 and now I’m reviewing it!






Finally releasing his first FULL length Album Luke Potter has proved that he is an amazing singer and writer with all his awesome pop rock tracks on the album.


Pointing a few out

‘So Sugar ‘starts the record off with his amazing vocals and catchy lyrics, it’s really gets you in the mood to move and being an upbeat track as well.


The whole catchy lyric’s goes throughout the whole of Luke’s album which is what people love about songs… well I do, it makes you want to listen again and again.


‘It’s Ok To Dream’ a personal track to Luke, I think it’s a very inspiring  song with the lyrics coming from heart because of the lyrics ‘ Take It From Me’.


‘Chance Worth taking  is a much slower song  and more personal song  telling a story about  love which  is written so good it gives you goosebumps.


This is just some of the amazing tracks from Luke , this is a Album you should be getting because Luke Potter will be heard of a lot more with more amazing music and performances.
So be ready to hear a lot more of him.


This is an Album you would listen to with a bunch of friends either on a night out or sleepover.


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