London Ellis Also Known as Gabriella Ellis released her NEW EP back in October 2014 ‘London to LA’!






London Ellis is a Pop/Urban Solo Artist from London but took herself to LA!


London Ellis may have been on our screens already but this is a new adventure for her and she is ready to get her music heard and perform everywhere she wants to!


The EP ‘ London To LA’  starts off  with the track which is named after the EP ‘London To LA’  which you can tell is a very personal track  and it’s a very upbeat and catchy song.


Second track ‘Physco’ is a much slower song and powerful vocals come through, also seems to be another very personal track which you understand what the meaning is behind the lyrics.


Third track ‘Cloud 10’ is not a slow song but it’s not an upbeat song its very calm and shows a lot of London Ellis’s different vocal ranges which are fantastic.


Fourth Track ‘Lost’  seems a deep and personal song which finishes the track, about her experiences going over to LA and pursuing her dreams and tells you it won’t stop her even if she is lost and not giving up which is a great message to young people who listen to the EP.

As a Whole the EP is a very, catchy and fun EP even with the slower songs this is an EP I would listen over and over to, with London’s powerful vocals and ambition to carry on her dreams, It’s safe to say that this is an EP you should all be listening to and be sure to follow her because this is just the start for this artist.


An EP to Listen when ever and forever how long, I love it!


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