REVIEW: Rormix – An App to discover NEW music and Artists.





This is an APP that everyone should be using,

A Fantastic way to get your music and music videos heard.


This is an App that helps Musicians get their music heard and its a bloody good way i can tell you.

I use this App a lot and it is fantastic, I look for new talent a lot and this is a easy way to do it.

With the quick discovery button which shows video’s and if you like it you swipe the like button and if you dont you can skip it, this gives the makers of Rormix a good idea of what you all like which will help them improve.






Also it is easy to download


IOS  :


Android :


Website :



You Can also search  by your favourite genre rreally easy too.



These are just 6 out of the 26 genre’s this App has.


You also have your own profile which you can follow your favourite music artists and keep updated with them.


I suggest if you are a fan of emerging music then this is an fantastic app t have.



I rate this app a full 10/10 .








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