EXCLUSIVE: Hard Road to Fame: Blonde Electra May have been first to go on X Factor Live shows but this isn’t the hardest time they’ve been through but none of that is stopping the bubbly Duo conquering their dreams.








What are your names and ages?

 I’m Ruby and I’m 22

I’m Jazzy and I’m 24


What is the genre of your music? 

Ruby: Electro pop/hip hop, Lady Gaga meets Kanye


Give us a little bio of the band and you guys as individual. 

Jazzy: Despite our crazy accents, we are a British duo consisting of 2 sisters. We grew up in a religious sect/cult founded by our father. Due to our strict upbringing, we both left home at ages 12 and 14 and started performing in nightclubs as a way to vent and feel liberated”.

Ruby:  Jazzy is the most amazing big sister anyone could ever have. I screw up all the time and she never judges me. I love her so much. She’s also fearless. We’ve gone through so many scary situations together (especially when we were on our own at ages 12 and 14, working in nightclubs). She has always done her best to protect me from harm’s way. Even though I don’t have any contact to any of my family members, that’s OK because Jazzy is all I need.

Jazzy: I don’t think people know how funny Ruby is. She’s the kinda girl who makes fun of herself. I love that about her. She always makes me laugh and is the best person to talk to about anything. Whenever I feel down, she always tells me “What would Mick Jagger do if he was in this situation?” LOL She has such a big heart. I love her more than anyone and anything”


Where did you get the band name from?

Jazzy: We wanted a name that would represent who we are and what we stand for. When we think of Blonde Electra. We imagine a strong, independent woman that doesn’t take no for an answer.


Who does what in the band? 

Ruby:  Haha! There is no lead singer in Blonde Electra. We are both very hands on when it comes to song-writing creativity, vocal arrangement and performance”

I.e. who does the vocals, who plays what, who writes the songs

We both have strong points vocally. Ruby says “Jazzy can belt notes like it’s nobody’s business. Jazzy adds: but Ruby is very talented in finding harmony arrangements. She brings the soul vocally”.


Are You Signed? 

Jazzy: Not at the moment. That’s no.1 on our “to do list”. We want a major record deal by the end of 2014. You guys have seen nothing yet. Blonde Electra are gonna cause some serious damage. Haha.” 😉


What instruments do you play? 

Ruby: We both can play E and acoustic guitar and are currently learning to DJ”.


Who are your influences? 

Jazzy: That’s a no brainer. Madonna, Michael Jackson, Miley, and Kanye West”


What are your backgrounds whether it’s in music or not? 

Jazzy: Even though our parents forbade us to listen to music as kids, music has always been a part of our lives. We live and we love because of music.


How did music come in to your lives and when did you start doing it?

Ruby: The first time we were introduced to music was actually by accident. We were passing through Hungary on our way to Ukraine. Our parents stopped at a gas station. Inside, the TV was playing the music video Earth Song by Michael Jackson. I only remember seeing a few seconds of it because our parents quickly covered our eyes because to them, worldly music is evil. But I remember how the music video made me feel. Angry, because I loved it. Angry, because this was something incredible and I couldn’t believe we weren’t allowed to watch it. Even though I was only 8, I knew my parents were wrong about “worldly music”.


When will you be releasing material?

Jazzy: As soon as freaking possible! We are currently writing our album. We can’t wait for you all to hear it!


How do you get inspiration to write songs? 

Jazzy: Oh my goodness, from everything. Our life has been such a roller coaster. We write about past experiences. Even though our childhood is quite different to most kids. I think everybody can relate to the feeling of not belonging, feeling unappreciated, falling in and out of love. And of course wanting to party like ANIMALS. So that’s is a key hole view on what our album will sound like 😉



Where do you see the band in 2-5 years time?

Ruby: Hopefully signed to a major record label. Touring throughout the UK and in other continents.


Where would your dream place be to perform? 

Ruby: To be honest, G.A.Y has been our No.1 place to perform in the UK. When we got the call yesterday that we’re performing there next Saturday. We literally did a victory dance in our kitchen. Excited as Hell!!


If you could do collaboration with anyone in the UK who would it be? 

Jazzy:  Oh my goodness. We love Tinie Tempah. He is not only a sexy MOFO but he is incredibly talented. The collaboration would be EPIC!”


If you could do collaboration with anyone in the USA who would it be?

Jazzy: Easy Calvin Harris. What a talented hotties. Such an amazing songwriter and producer! We heart Calvin!!


If you wasn’t doing music what would you’s be doing?

Ruby:  LOL crying our eyes out! Music will always be a part of us.


If you got asked by a TV show or film to have your music played on, which show or film would it be? 

Jazzy: We’d love our music to be aired in The Avengers, 50shades of Grey, The Fantastic 4 and of course, the new Hunger Games!!


What do you do in when you are not doing music? To relax: 

Ruby: Haha, we’ve actually become huge Twitter fans. We’ve been receiving so much love from our fans. They make us so happy. They really do inspire us. So we spend a lot of time tweeting and retweeting. 🙂


What was the best thing of the whole X Factor experience? 

Ruby: We think the best part was when Brian Friedman told us the ideas he had for Kids in America. I don’t think he knows how liberated we felt. We know it was a huge risk for him and that’s why we are forever indebted to him. He’s a wonderful, talented guy. We love you Brian and we hope to see you soon”.


What’s the best concert you’ve been to? (Can be one of your own.) 

Jazzy: In 2010 Ruby and I went to a rock festival in Germany called Rock Am Ring. Limp Bizkit performed our favourite song by Rage against the machine called Killing In The Name Of. OMG what a performance!!


 Who are you celebrity crushes?

Jazzy: Haha we have many. I absolutely love Justin Bieber and Jared Leto!

Ruby: I’m bananas about James Franco and Pharell Williams”


What’s next for Blonde Electra? 

Jazzy: Our tour starts Saturday! Starting in G.A.Y. We hope to tour around the whole of the UK. We absolutely love it here!


Do you have a website, social media pages and music pages for your fans? 

Ruby “Yes we do! You can find us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.




X Factor Live Show  , This is not the END for this Duo so be surerre you are Following these girls!



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