Lucy Alexandra Sardinha is a up and coming singer/songwriter that has passion for music and is ready to get her own heard.





How old are you? 

22 years old 🙂

What is your genre of music?

I like to describe my style as a crossover of Country, Soul and Pop. I take elements of my three favourite genres and put them together to create my sound.

Give a Little Bio of yourself.

I was born and raised in Essex, UK. I’ve loved performing for as long as I can remember, and never have I considered doing anything else with my life.  When I’m not writing songs or performing, I can usually be found at the gym or playing old videos games (nothing that was released post 2005). On a weekend, I teach singing to youngsters at a small performing arts school in Southgate that started me on my path. It’s probably the most rewarding and gratifying thing I do with my time.  I have an unhealthy obsession with self-serve frozen yoghurt, pic’n’mix and Marvel movies. I fan-girled like crazy this year when McBusted was formed. My motto is you can never have too many sparkles.


How long have you been doing music? 

I’ve been singing since I learned how to speak. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that my neighbours hate me for it. I started playing around with writing songs about 5 years ago, and in the last couple of years I’ve continued writing, as well as producing my own tracks for what I write.


What made you go in to music? 

My family have always been involved in the music industry in one way or another, so I think it was inevitable. Honestly I’ve never seriously considered doing anything else. This is my life.


What Instruments do you play?

I play piano and guitar. I desperately want to invest in, and learn to play, slide guitar.


Are you a Signed Artist?

No. With the way social media has developed the music industry, I’d like to see how well I can do without signing to a major label. For me, it’s all about the fans. Unless you have that support, all the money pumped into you in the world from a big corporation is a waste.


Who are your influences?

I was always heavily influenced by older soul artists like Etta James and Dorothy Moore. I love the raw emotion you always found in their vocals. Michael Jackson has also always been with me, and I cite him as probably my biggest influence to date. More recent artists that I’ve drawn inspiration from include Carrie Underwood, Paloma Faith and McFly.


When will you be releasing new music?

I’m currently working on my debut album which I hope to release later this year. In the mean time I’ll be releasing teasers of some of the songs from the album and definitely a few more covers.


How do you get inspiration to write songs?

Inspiration for my songs can literally hit me at any time. I’ll get a sudden phrase or lyric idea in my head when I’m waiting for a train or out with my friends and have to stop whatever I’m doing and write it down. From there I’ll work on the music to base the idea on, and see how it develops. Nothing can ever beat getting back to basics though. When it’s just me in a room with my guitar and a notebook, that’s when I get the best out of myself.


Where is your dream place to perform (Country)? 

Nashville, Tennessee.


Who would you like to perform with, if you got the chance?

Right now, I’d love to duet with Brad Paisley. I’m absolutely in love with his voice. Otherwise, it would have to be Katy Perry. Her shows are always so visual and full of colour and whimsy. That’s all what I’m about.


Where do you see yourself in 2-5 years?

Can I say winning the Grammy for Artist of the Year? Only kidding, although that would be nice :-). Honestly I just want to be able to make a living doing what I love. I suppose that’s everybody’s ultimate aim. But I also want to inspire people. To be, in 5 years, the person people in my current position look up to and strive towards would be such an honour and achievement.


If you weren’t doing music what would you be doing? 

I honestly don’t know. Maybe a lawyer? I’m pretty good at arguing. 😉


Who is your favourite Artist or Band at The Moment?

That’s a really tough question. I listen to so many different artists it’s hard to pick just one. I really love Paloma Faith’s new album. But I’d have to say currently I LOVE Sam Smith. I think he’s so unbelievably talented and different. It’s refreshing to hear.


If you could go on Tour with any Singer or Band from USA who would it be and why? 

Again it would probably be Katy Perry, even if just for the amazing costumes and sets I’d get to see and use!


If you could go on Tour with any Singer or Band from UK who would it be and why? 

It would definitely be McFly. I’ve grown up loving those boys and to this day they still seem to have so much fun and love what they are doing. I can tell it would be a laugh a minute! I also would love to collaborate on songs with them, they’re so talented.


What was the first song you wrote?

Funnily enough the first song I ever wrote eventually became the first song I ever released. I wrote my debut single ‘Helpless’ several years ago. I’d written several songs since, but when it came to deciding what my debut single would be, that was the unanimous decision. It can still be found at:


Do you have a website or social media pages for fans to follow you?

Yes i sure do,








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