Joe Symes and The Loving Kind Release a SELF-TITLED ALBUM!






Joe Symes and the Loving Kind are a four piece Acoustic/Rock band from Liverpool.

Made up of Joe Symes, Colin White, Paul Hetherington and Chris Giblin.

The Four piece have releases self titled new Album.

Starting  with the track ‘Fallen Down’ an upbeat track what starts off with noises in a bar then comes the strumming of the guitar what just makes you want to get up and dance to the track.

Then it gets a bit slower with the second track ‘Fine Line’ with a great rhythm to the track.

All tracks being different but with the different instruments used makes you want to re listen to the album over and over.

There is no time to listen to this track, this is an album where you can listen to it all day and night and never get tired of hearing the amazing vocals and awesome instruments in the backing tracks.


Make sure you buy the album and be sure to watch out for Joe Symes and The Loving Kind because they are not going away anytime soon.

I’m looking forward to their new material






Physical :








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