The 4 Piece that are living the dream , Get to know 11:11 here





Can you please introduce yourself for people who don’t know about you ?

Hi we’re 11:11 a London based 4 piece urban/pop boy band consisting of TayTay, Jude, Carl and Mickell



 How did the band come about?

We formed in January 2014 after auditioning


How did you guys  meet you together?

Tay met Carl and Mickell last year, Jude was friends with Carl.


Why did you choose to call the band “11:11”?

The numbers 11:11 is a global phenomena were at 11;11 people around the world Make A Wish, and we are making our wishes come true by doing music


 Which artists are your inspirations?

From Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson to Chris Brown, Ed Sheeran and respecting all artists doing their thing out there


Which artist would you love to go on tour?

Touring with any great artist out there would be amazing !!


What is the song are you currently listen to the most ?

(1 song to each boy) We all have been listening to Sam Smith



If You got asked by a film to have your music played on, which film would it be?

James Bond Movie


What instruments do you play?

Jude plays Guitar

Tay does high harmony

Mickell and Jude do main vocals

Carl writes and performs harmonies and raps

Tay and Jude write the lyrics and help with production



 How would you qualify your fans ?

The best ever !!!


What event in the past of your career is the best memory you have?

Its all been crazy and been one big memory so far with more to add


Can you please tell us more about the song “Fly” ?

What the lyrics mean ? And the music video ? “Fly is our promo release and its about taking charge of your life and moving forward


How do you get inspiration to write songs?

Our inspirations come from our life experiences and through the people we meet



What are your backgrounds whether it’s in music or not?

Jude and Tay have been involved in music and performing arts since they were very young

Mickell & Carl started out playing football until the music buzz hit them



Are You Signed?

11:11 are signed to Mean Management and NusicMusic PR



When will you be releasing material?

We have already released a promo track which is now on our vevo you can search YouTube 1111VeVo



Where would your dream place be to perform?

We would love to perform at wembley and Madison square gardens and Tokyo



Where do you see the band in 2-3 years time?


In 2-3 years time we still see ourselves performing and releasing music and touring the world






Do you have a website, social media pages and music pages for your fans?












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