Robbie Cavanagh is a Dedicated Musician ready to get his Music Out There and Tour the World!

Robbie Cavanagh is Singer/Songwriter from Manchester, with a Guitar, emotive lyrics and his powerful vocals.







How old are you? 



What is your genre of music?

Well I guess this album is kinda bluesy, singer songwritery. It’s got some country influence. It’s based on a voice and a guitar but its enhanced with other instruments. I don’t know how to describe that.

But I wouldn’t say that’s my ‘genre’. There’s lots of genres I touch on I think. My roots are in rock.



How long have you been doing music? 

Well I’ve been playing guitar and singing since I was around 11, joined a band around 14 and not stopped gigging since then I guess. I was in a band at school called ‘Quick Exit’….. I know right?  After school I started ‘This Devastated Fan’ and we played for about 8 years. Then I started this project.


What made you go in to music? 

There was always a guitar around the house growing up, so I used to play kinks songs. The kinks made me want to be in a band. I started singing songs from musicals, and then found the kinks. I knew it was what I wanted to do.


What Instruments do you play?

I mainly play guitar and sing, but I play keys and drums too. I did parts of that on the album.


Are you a Signed Artist?

I’ve been working with a great manager recently who’s done some really great stuff for me, but I’m not technically signed. So I’m an unsigned artist with a great team of people around me.


Who are your influences?

A very difficult question. It’s interesting I tend to get compared to alot of people I would never consider an influence and my influences aren’t particularly noticeable.

Just before I went into to studio I listened to alot of Bahamas and Tom Odell. Those records changed alot of the production of the album. Then whilst we were in the studio we listened to D’Angelo’s record Voodoo pretty much all the time and it kinda became a model for the sound of the record.

I’m influenced alot by the kinks as I said, but I love so much music. It’s hard to say what doesnt influence me. I suppose everyone looks for something new. So if i hear artists doing similar things to me, and doing it well, I love it and Im a fan, but its not used as inspiration, cause they’ve done it. So alot of inspiration comes from punk music, rock music, other styles. I’ve been listening non-stop to Lucius new album ‘Wildewoman’ recently. I have some friends in a band called ‘I am the avalanche’. I know every word of that record. I love Prince. Theres so much, but I’d say im most influenced by artists that don’t do what I do. I always thought, take the mindset of similar artists, take the ideas from artists from a different genre.



When will you be releasing new music?

I have a new video just released for The willingness to move, and there is a rumour of recording a 4 track EP with a string quartet, using songs from ‘The State Of Maine’, but ‘Maine’ is the focus right now. I’m not releasing any new stuff for a little while. Although I have been writing alot recently, so there will be another record at some point.


How do you get inspiration to write songs? 


Inspiration comes from anywhere really. Sometimes you hear one line in a song and it stands out and a whole world of lyrics stem from it. Sometimes its a story in the news, a book, a movie, real life. There’s so  much to be inspired from. musically, alot of the time a lyric comes with a melody attached and I run with it. Sometimes you hear a song you think you could kinda re imagine in a different style, musically at least. Anything is inspiration.


Where is your dream place to perform (Country)? 

Of course I’d love to return to Maine. So I’d have to say USA. Id love to tour there. They have such a great scene, some amazing venues and i have some great friends out there I’d love to see along the way.


Who would you like to perform with, if you got the chance?

There are a few artists I’d love to play with. Its difficult because some artists, (Damien Rice for example) I love his work, but if i performed with him, what could I add to his music.

It would be an honour for any artist to want to perform with me. I love Sia. I’d like to perform with Sia. She’s a stunning songwriter.

Paolo Nutini is a man who feels his music more than anyone when he performs it. You can see every word hits him like a ton of bricks. I’d love to be a part of that show. yeah, Paolo Nutini please. Or Lana Del Rey. Shes beautiful and incredibly talented. I love her music (which is why I keep covering her stuff)


Where do you see yourself in 2-5 years?

I’d like to have maintained a career doing what I do I guess. I’d like to be able to tour, record, release music and make a living doing it.


If you weren’t doing music what would you be doing? 

I’d probably write novels. I love writing. I cant imagine doing something that isnt creative. My brain would fry in a 9-5 job. I couldn’t handle not creating.


Who is your favourite Artist or Band at The Moment?

Right now? Tough question. There are always bands I return to time and time again. Bon Iver, Manchester Orchestra, Brand New, REM. But at the moment is the question.

I think Im still hooked on Foy Vance at the moment. yeah, Foy Vance, Lucius and Bahamas are still my artists of the moment.


If you could go on Tour with any Singer or Band who would it be and why? 

To tour with…..Right now, I’d love to tour with Gabrielle Aplin. Shes a really sweet girl,

we’d have a fun time on the road together, and our fan bases would cross over so well it would be really great.  And she has an awesome pet ferret, and being on the road with a ferret would be the dream right?

But if i didnt have to play, if i was just hanging out and watching a band every night. I never get tired of watching Manchester Orchestra. They are really great guys and you can learn SO much by watching a band like those guys on tour.


What was the first song you wrote?

The first song I wrote was called Fred. I was about 12 probably. It was about a guy called Fred, who was accused of killing his girlfriend, so he fled the country.

Pretty dark really.



Do you have a website, social media pages and music pages for your fans?

Yes, I do







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