The Bedrooom Hour ‘Hinterland’ Review

The Bedroom hour hinterlan



The Bedroom Hour is a 5 piece from West London but decided to move up Manchester to get their music heard more and the move was a great move making their audience bigger here in Manchester too!

‘Hinterland’ is the new 11 Track debut Album by the 5 lads.


Starting off with an introduction on the 1st track which is an instrumental ‘Oceans’ that sets a calm and relaxed atmosphere which then that’s gives you an idea of what the rest of the Album will be like. This also goes on to the second track ‘Sea without Water’ which with Stuart’s vocals soften the track as well.

Having some tracks that are dark, both tell you they want to forget about the past and move on with the future and their music which once you listen to this album you will be hooked and ready to see what comes next from these lads.

Stuart’s powerful vocals and the backing music go together letting the tracks get a softer and more of an edge to each one.

You should listen to this throughout the day or at night; it is an album where you can just listen to over and over every day at anytime of the day.


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