Reviewing ‘The Moods’ NEW ALBUM. What a album,make sure you check these out

The Moods Album Review

The Moods, A five piece from Manchester.
The Moods have given me the chance to review their NEW album and I listened to it and I am impressed.
The 10 track Album has a range of genres which usually is a bad call but The Moods have out done this and all the tracks are fantastic and makes want to listen to it over and over. This is a band made up of 5 vocally talented lads and lyrically talented.
Starting with a ‘ I am A mood ‘ which is voices speaking and makes you wonder how the rest of the Album is going to sound, then going straight in to track number which is a great beat throughout. Then when the vocals come out on track strong and natural sound which makes you want to listen.
Having fantastic beats, vocals and everything else, this is an album to buy and share with your friends.

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